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About us

enecco OUTDOORS is an international online community for professionals of the sports and outdoor scene. Develop new ideas for breathtaking photo and film projects by creative interaction with like-minded people.

  • Discover freelance professionals around the world.
  • Grow your professional network.
  • Organize and grow your network to build and manage teams.
  • Show your skills at the perfect audience.


enecco offers a platform for all kind of outdoor sport professionals. Photographers, cinematographers, location scouts, sports models, adventure tour operators, guides, tourist boards, airlines as well as sporting good manufacturers, magazines, journalists and bloggers contribute to the continuously rising enecco community, which wins attraction and supports members' productivity. New possibilities are increasingly created, such as finding an exciting location or team-members for a photo or film-shoot or the development of creative ideas.Become part of the community and start your boundless project, we are in this world together.

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The principle is simple: members enjoy the benefits of a free EXPERT membership for six month. After six month users will continue for free as BASIC members or upgrade to the feebased EXPERT membership.


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A basic membership at enecco is free. Pay a fee after 6 month to get the professional benefits of an expert membership.

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